Picanova, printing photos on canvas

30 Oct 2014

A work colleague recommeded a German printing company called 'Picanova', which do discount deals with significant savings (like 60% off at the time of writing!), providing you get the right URL.

I thought that would give it a go, so dropped the recently taken Kingfisher onto their website and chose the 60x40cm size.

Delivery time was 15 days which was longer than they stated, but I guess its a long way from German. It came wrapped in a single cardboard shell.

Picanova Box

The canvas itself is of a reasonbly fine weave, and the print is a surprisingly high resolution for canvas. However the image looks quite dull - something to remember for future orders, is to make sure that the image has plenty of vibrancy as this one has been really toned down in the printing process. It actually looks more vibrant here on the screen than it does in the flesh.

Picanova Kingfisher

Now I just have the problem of where to hang it...